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Additionally you can create custom settings in the plugin for how it writes title tags throughout your site. It's highly recommended to only use %post_title% or %page_title% for your pages and posts so that you can write full titles inside each page and post, making sure you don't go over the target of 60 characters.

Step 4 (optional). 3 hours and $100-200. Another option for making your blog look even more unique is to have a custom theme created for you. There are many different hostgator cpanel login creators and they can blend the theme to make it fit your current website, or they could even make a theme based on another website you like. Since you have a different theme on your blog already, you can skip this step.

I extracted the image in Photoshop. That means I took out the background behind the tools so that they were transparent. In this case I was capturing images of paints and brushes.

First and foremost, you should get a web hosting service. You should select a good web host which is compatible with MySQL database and PHP. The next step is to download the WordPress source code. Some of the web hosts offer automatic installation of WordPress. So, try to select a web host which offers this service. You can also do it manually. For this, you will have to create a MySQL database on your server. Make a note of the server folder of your site so that you know the URL to input for unzipping the WordPress source code. Also make sure that you have granted yourself the permission to read, write and edit your WordPress files.

Download the new version. Remember that the actual name of the file must be the one that you removed. In most cases, the file will be simply called timthumb.php and will end when you download. If you have a WooTheme, make sure you rename it to thumb.php.

The first thing any individual do when setting up to purchase a product or service is the price that will cost them. Are they expensive or they are low cost? Does it come in an enclosed or not? Because they are for free wordpress themes, will they be free for a long time? These questions that you have in mind out to all be answered.

You need to consider the sides of your chosen theme. You need to make sure that users won't have any difficulties in viewing your entire page as there are a lot of different screen sizes and browsers.

Fourth, this is no easy job. So, work closely with the web development team. If you want a quality website then you have to be more patient and detailed on every aspect that needs critical thinking and scrutinizing eyes. Perfection is the name of the game here.

Widgets - I know how to hack up a theme a little bit so in the past I would always edit my sidebar by working on the coding. But now WordPress Widgets have improved so much that they are very easy to work with. Many themes include customized widgets that give even more options.